Young & Unemployed? —Try Day Trading

Day Trading Jobs

The economy isn’t so hot these days and jobs are hard to come by. This is especially true for young, recent graduates. If you find yourself without a job, you might be wondering what to do with yourself. You can return to school or teach yourself a new skill, but that further delays the day […]

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Five Ways to Obtain Trading Capital

Most likely your one of these individuals: 1) you trade demo, back-tested and believe your system is profit ready, but lack trading capital, 2) your live trading but your account is underfunded and fear and greed is eating away at your trading capital, 3) your live trading profitability and want to make more money but […]

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Using Market Profile to Predict Market Direction

Using Market Profile to Predict Market Direction

Making the best use of your trading capital can be quite a struggle, and if you don’t know how to accurately analyze the market, it can be even more difficult. For this reason, many day traders use an analysis tool called a market profile, which is an excellent trading indicator for market analysis and predict […]

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5 Reasons to Use Trade Journal Spreadsheet

Trading Spreadsheet Jounral

If you are a trader with the stock market you know that you will have to keep up with everything there is to know about your stocks, portfolio, and trades. One missed step or one missed purchase could land you into trouble and leave you to face the fact that you may lose money. Having […]

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The Importance of Day Trading Capital

The Importance of Trading Capital

Day trading capital is very important on many levels. When you are buying and selling financial instruments on mere speculation it is important to have someone experienced in the field. Knowing how trading psychology works is essential. Day trading can be a very beneficial source of supplemental income, but it is not something that you […]

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JetSetTrader’s Guide To Bodrum, Turkey

The Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum – Turkey

JetSetTrader’s Personal Guide to Bodrum in Turkey Stretches of sandy shorelines, bustling restaurants and lively nightlife is what I enjoyed during my recent trip to Bodrum, but this coastal town is one of the most important centers for trade, entertainment and art in Turkey. Fantastic Scenery in Bodrum Bodrum offers some of the most fantastic […]

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Overcoming Fear and Greed during Day Trading

Greed and Fear Trading Psychology

While day trading has become immensely popular in recent times, the truth is that it can be an emotionally difficult task for those looking to do this full-time. Day trading stocks, futures, forex, and other securities can be highly profitable and result in great losses due to their lucrative nature. If you want to be […]

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Top 5 Countries for Day Traders to Live

Best Countries to Live

A day trader is someone who deals in stocks, derivatives or options and concludes his transactions at the end of each business day, making this the perfect job for those who don’t want to be limited to living in one country or city. In fact, geographical mobility is one of the best things about jobs […]

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Improve Your Day Trading with the Necessary Five Vitamins

Brain Vitamins

Many people think that day trading is a very easy job because the trader is not required to do anything other than watch his or her screen to make money. However, sitting in front of the screen all day requires energy, which can easily be drained if you are not in optimum health. Therefore it […]

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5 Characteristics of a Good Trader and 5 Characteristics of a Novice Trader


  Good Trader A strong innate drive to improve and develop trading skills on an on going basis. An understanding that even with a brilliant trading system the trades require discipline, focus, and monitoring. The outcome is to trade the system correctly and not focus on how much money is being made or lost. Having a methodology and […]

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12 Characteristics of a Successful Trader’s Psychology

Trading Psychology

Commitment High level of discipline High level of self-control Financially stable Know your limitations Self motivated, driven and have a burning desire to succeed Patience Meticulous, detail oriented Positive thinker Decision maker – Have the aptitude and ability to make sound decisions Leader Persistence                  

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How To Make $100 a Day Trading Forex and Futures Contracts

Forex Candlestick Chart

It is very possible to make $100 trading forex and futures contracts every single trading day. It is simply a matter of using a few wisdom nuggets to pick your trades. In the next few sentences, we will give a basic guide on how this can be achieved. You will be amazed at how easy […]

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Top 3 Day Trading Indicators That Generate Profit

Hawaii Waterfall

As a day trader, it is essential to be aware of what factors are influencing the market, what factors are having a catalytic effect on market movement and what factors other traders are focusing on. Knowledge of these factors can help you make more informed decisions regarding future trading. As day trading occurs at a […]

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Top 3 Markets to Day Trade for Consistent Daily Profits


With more people looking for ways to earn money, working from home, the interest in day trading has increased significantly. There are a number of options from the stock market and commodities to Forex and futures. These markets offer the potential to earn huge profits. Here we will take a look at the top three […]

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Best Day Trading Mentors to Generate Profits

Singapore Skyline

Are you new to day trading? Wondering how you can make profits through futures trading? With day trading becoming a popular way of making money more and more people are looking to make profits through day trading. However, not everyone makes it to the top in this field. Trading requires a special set of skills, […]

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