Five Ways to Obtain Trading Capital

Most likely your one of these individuals: 1) you trade demo, back-tested and believe your system is profit ready, but lack trading capital, 2) your live trading but your account is underfunded and fear and greed is eating away at your trading capital, 3) your live trading profitability and want to make more money but just don’t have access to additional trading capital. By the way, number 1 is not a good place to be since you don’t have any live trades under your belt and no skin in the game, Number 2 is the worst place to be because there is just too many variables affecting one another and your on an island trying to find a way out, and Number 3 is where you want to be ultimately because you are consistently making money and ready to take your trading to the next level. Your in the right frame of mind because your trading capital is not prohibiting or holding you back from consistently making profits.
Assuming that your system is consistently profitable and that your trading psychology is intact, there are several ways to access trading capital so that you can make the living you desire by day trading. Always remember, trading is a business so approach that way.

1. All start-up businesses need capital, as does trading. Depending on which market you trade and the amount of trading capital requirement. Build your business credit profile and obtain business credit cards that offer 0% financing from 6 to 12 months from amounts of $10k – $200K depending on your credit. This is the best option.

2. Borrow the trading capital for someone and pay them back from the profits you make. This can get complicated depending on your success or failure. Fail and lose money you’re the worst person alive, succeed and make money you are seen as a genius. If you do go this route get a promissory note and keep it clean.

3. If you’re a member at a credit union, sometimes, the rates are better than what you will get approved for at mainstream big banks and they will also offer lines of credit as well.

4. Join a propriety trading firm that has a good educational program that you can graduate from. Once they train you and your ready to trade, they will fund you will the firms trading capital to trade.

5. Enter trading competitions to showcase your trading skills. If you do well you will easily get funding with trading capital.

Again, the best and cleanest route is to set your trading up as a business and create that structure and environment. This way you can go for business funding as discussed in option 1. Also, keep in mind, that all hedge funds and investment funds access capital from investors and will at times borrow funds as well to accomplish their goals. In reality and in business, people rarely put their own money at risk, but they will have some skin in the game as should you since you will be held accountable. If you need more details on how to do this please contact us from

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